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From 5,000/- BDT

Choice of your cake sponge, layered with your preferred buttercream, and covered by also your preferred icing. Our best seller design, decorated crescent on white chocolate ganache. Adorned with homemade white chocolate domes, stars, caramelized nuts, crushed almond, chocolate shavings, buttercream flower drops and sprinkles .


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Flavour: caramel, vanilla, chocolate, orange and white chocolate

Colour: greenish, pinkish, yellowish, bluish, greyish

6" for 15 people - 5,000/-
8" for 25 people - 8,000/-
10"for 50 people - 12,000/-

You can choose colour and flavour of the cake but decoration stays same. However as these are handmade thus no two cakes will be identical.