Helen of Troy

From 4,000/- BDT

Everyone wants but only you deserve. The cheesecake that can tantalize a thousand taste buds.

This cheesecake is everything you would expect from a phenomenal New York-style cheesecake: it’s super creamy, balanced  tangy and meltsinyourmouth smooth. This cheesecake is based on sour cream in the batter to give it a richer flavor and a denser texture. Layered upon a thick layer of digestive biscuits, a creamy heavy layer of cream cheese madness finished off with Strawberry sauce. The homemade strawberry topping is always great, though whipped cream is a great combination too. We also have a summer delight version based on Mango.

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Choice of toppings:
a) whipped cream
b) strawberry topping
c) cream cheese and sour cream


8" for 10 people - 4,000/-
10" for 15 people - 6,000/-