Cook’s Palette

A name that is inspired by arts and creativity, it is no surprise that Cook’s Palette is the home for craft cakes and desserts. Our creations are whimsical, imaginative, colourful and creative. The modern cake world has moved beyond fondants and sugar flowers and so did we. It is time we also take a brave step forward and appreciate uniqueness, creativity and new ideas. All the cakes we create in our studio are different, hand-styled and unique in their own ways. We do not follow the usual format of beautifully fondant covered cakes adorned with gum paste flowers. Our cakes are rustic, chaotic, impatient and imperfect.

All our cakes are original recipe, tried, tested and improvised in every bake. We have recently ditched our fondant rolling pin and tools for fresh flowers, fruits, homemade meringue shards, cookies, chocolates, caramel pops and nuts. We believe in uniqueness, therefore please don’t request us to copy a cake. We would love you to choose from our distinctively designed cakes that we will customize as per your requirement. Our signature cakes will add a special touch to your events.

We are immensely proud of our seasonal preserves. We have six different preserves for six seasons. That is an ode to Mother Nature. We at cook’s palette produce finest jam jelly and relishes for your breakfast table, lunch boxes or evening snacks. Nature has given us her love in bounty; we make preserves with seasonal delicacies and without any added preservatives.

Today we have more than 7 thousand fan followers in our Face book page, instagram fan follower is also increasing every day. Be with us, taste the best cake in town.

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