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Themed cakes

We usually don’t do theme cakes. However, once in a while few close friends and family request for theme cakes that we can’t deny. Hence we try to create a blend of our cakes and the theme. All our themed cakes are buttercream cakes. Though at times little items can be made of fondant, but we discourage fondant use. Here are few of our themed cakes.


Handful of simplicity. Sugar and dairy free special cake, adorned with food safe flowers and basil leaves fresh from the garden. For health freaks who love olive oil more than butter will go for this fresh delicious cake. The flowers and leaves shown in the picture may change due to season and availability.

Note: sugar substitute added.

Retro King

Choice of your cake sponge, layered with your preferred buttercream, and covered by also your preferred icing. Our best seller design, decorated crescent on white chocolate ganache. Adorned with homemade white chocolate domes, stars, caramelized nuts, crushed almond, chocolate shavings, buttercream flower drops and sprinkles .


Her Cakeness

Very modern and spirited in design. Cake of your choice will be layered by buttercream and strawberry jam (changes with season). Covered with buttercream. Decorated with homemade white chocolate shards, meringue cookies, chocolates, fresh strawberries (fruit option changes with season), buttercream bushes, edible laces, caramelized nuts and grounded almond.


Cake of your preference covered and layered with buttercream. Adorned with fresh flowers and ribbon. This is a classic look. Very posh, artsy and aristocratic. The flowers are not edible, you can keep the flowers aside while eating. This cake will surely make your event very regal.

Grand Dame

All through buttercream cake with pearls, ribbons and buttercream roses. Perfect for weddings, as she is elegant and posh. It can be single tier, 2 tier or 3 tier. Or if you want tier 4 can be added too. Lush bed of roses of a matching colour falls like a waterfall from the side. The top tier will be covered in roses. The cake is as pretty as a cake can get.

Royal Duchess

This is a feminine cake. We will layer and cover the cake of your choice with the buttercream you love. Dripped by chocolate ganache, adorned with fresh home grown flowers, meringues, Twix and white Toblerone. Three colour brush effect buttercream on the sides. Tiers available.


Helen of Troy

Everyone wants but only you deserve. The cheesecake that can tantalize a thousand taste buds.

This cheesecake is everything you would expect from a phenomenal New York-style cheesecake: it’s super creamy, balanced  tangy and meltsinyourmouth smooth. This cheesecake is based on sour cream in the batter to give it a richer flavor and a denser texture. Layered upon a thick layer of digestive biscuits, a creamy heavy layer of cream cheese madness finished off with Strawberry sauce. The homemade strawberry topping is always great, though whipped cream is a great combination too. We also have a summer delight version based on Mango.


Individually studio designed cup cakes. (Minimum order 6 pcs. of the same kind)

Flavors available:

  • Red Velvet
  • Lemon Meringue
  • Key Lime
  • Simple Vanilla
  • Perfect Chocolate
  • Orange white chocolate

Slim and delicious

Our cafe also offers low fat, low sugar cupcakes and muffins. These little stars comes without any icing, and with honey drizzle, caramalized nuts, fresh flowers etc. However we do not make big cakes with these flavours.


Seasonal Preserves

seasonal preserves : Our joy and pride. The preserves are highly recommended for your breakfast, afternoon tea or even as few of our clients do, just a spoonful any time of the day. All comes in 400gm jars. Our Jam and relishes need to be refrigerated  and they stay fresh till 6 months.

Summer Mango Relish: Eat with khichuri in lunch or bread in the morning breakfast. The texture is like jam with chunks of mango in it. The primary flavour has been inspired from Kashmiri Achar. Loaded with ginger, cardamom and cinnamon this relish can be also eaten as a mango pie inside a party base. Whichever way you eat it, you will love the subtleness of sugar, hint of spices and crunches of the lovely green mangoes. Summer at it’s best!

Guava Jelly: Guava is my favourite fruit and it makes great jam too. One more reason to love guava. It feels like magic when you get a dark red coloured jelly out of a beautiful green fruit. Available in monsoon only when the Desi guava grows in bounty. The velvety red jelly is a great combination with bread or scones, some loves to pair it with toast biscuit. It spreads and tastes so beautiful that Bob Marley sang a song about it. So rush to us when it is raining.

Apple Butter: In western countries, during fall people make apple butter and use it for various purposes. Though there’s nothing more delightful than spread a spoonful of apple butter onto warm toast or biscuits in the morning, but it can actually be an integral ingredient in fall cooking and baking. Use it in cakes as a healthy substitute of butter, marinade chicken for grills or roast, make apple banana dessert. Whatever way you want to use it, apple butter will never let you fail.

Late Autumn: In Bangladesh dates are popular during the Ramadan. It is a great source for instant energy. Not until last year I knew that they can be used to make a great spread. Trust me dates jam is addictive and a great antidepressant too. A spoon full of dates jam can recharge you very fast. My dates jam has cloves and salt, yes only three ingredient jam it is. The texture, flavour is amazing and great option for desserts. I use it as filling of my cupcakes, layer it between cakes and at times simple spoon full. As the sugar content of dates is high, so extra sugar is added. During Ramadan have it with bread in Iftar.

Orange Marmalade: Orange is a winter fruit in Bangladesh. The sweet delicious juice is boiled with orange rinds. The bitterness of the rind, sweetness of the juice and a hint of ginger makes the marmalade brilliant. The thin rinds add texture to the marmalade, and people love that crunch. My marmalade has little bit of star-anise, only as much to give a subtle flavour. Your cold winter mornings will be warm and sunny when you will spread a dollop of the marmalade on your breads.

Strawberry Jam: The show stopper jam of Cook’s Palette. The medium level sugar, lemon juice and luscious red strawberries are together is a gorgeous combination. Use it on your New York style cheese cake, spread it over strawberry cakes or mix in the batter, spread over a warm toast or biscuits. Like my son, you can also eat it with ice cream. Each year we sell more than 100 jars of Strawberry jam. It stays fresh in the fridge for at least 6 months. Once you have our strawberry jam, no other strawberry jam will satisfy you.